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Charlotte Flair Missing WrestleMania 37 Due To Issues With WWE?

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• Charlotte Flair Missing WrestleMania 37 Due To Issues With WWE?

According to the Wrestling Observer, there’s something going on between WWE and Charlotte Flair, and this might result in The Queen missing next month’s WrestleMania 37 PPV.

Charlotte is going to be in the Walking Tall movie remake, but that’s not the issue according to the Observer.

“She’s doing the movie. As far as Charlotte and WrestleMania, they’re definitely avoiding me on that one. There’s definitely a story that’s not the movie, because if it was the movie it wouldn’t be hidden.

It’s definitely something that’s behind hidden as far as what’s going on with Charlotte.”

Charlotte was rumored to be in the RAW Women’s Championship match at WrestleMania 37, but her status is up in the air with this new development.

Charlotte was recently removed from the WrestleMania 37 graphic as well.

You can check out the old graphic with Charlotte on it below:

Now here’s the updated graphic where Charlotte is no longer featured:

Charlotte’s fiance, Andrade, recently asked for his release from WWE and he was granted his release last night after the Fastlane PPV went off the air.

We’ll keep you updated regarding Charlotte’s status here on WWFOldSchool.com and on our WrestleFeed App.

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December 9, 1960 – March 22, 2009

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