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CM Punk Comments On Edge’s Royal Rumble Victory, WrestleMania Match With Goldberg, Planned Match With Chris Benoit

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• CM Punk Comments On Edge’s Royal Rumble Victory, WrestleMania Match With Goldberg, Planned Match With Chris Benoit

Former WWE wrestler CM Punk recently did a Q&A session on Twitter, the one where he said he would’ve quickly beaten “Stone Cold” Steve Austin if they ever had a match, to which Austin replied that Punk is delusional (tap here to read more).

Below are some other highlights from that session:

Q: How do you feel about Edge winning the Royal Rumble?

A: Super stoked for him to get a second act. And jealous of his abs.

Q: How far did you want to take the straight edge society? What was your overall goal?

A: Heat.

Q: Noticed you’re growing your hair out. Any particular reason?

A: There’s a pandemic.

Q: Goldberg vs Punk would have been the greatest main event in mania History?

A: Nope. Put us in first and pay us the most.

Q: One wrestling match that you’re really proud of?

A: 2/3 falls with Chavo Guerrero. Almost went 60 to give everyone else time to get to the building.

(Chavo replied the following: We called it all in the ring. We were in the zone. Great chemistry 🤙🏼)

Q: What was the plan for your match with Benoit? Were you going to go over?

A: “No idea. All we talked about was beating the piss out of each other.”

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• Old School Wrestling Legend Celebrates His Birthday

Old School Puroresu Legend Antonio Inoki (Real name: Kanji Inoki) celebrates his 78th birthday today.

During his career from 1972 till 1998, Inoki wrestled for several companies such as his own promotion New Japan Pro Wrestling, the World Wrestling Federation, and even Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling.

The NJPW founder & former NJPW promoter was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2010 by fellow old school wrestling legend Stan Hansen.

After he sold the New Japan promotion in 2005, it slowly ended up losing all its glory and turned into pretty much just another (in this case international) random, generic indy promotion, totally different from the great traditional company that it used to be.


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