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CM Punk Cornered Dolph Ziggler’s Brother & Asked If Things Need To Be Settled Outside

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CM Punk once again sparked controversy after his shoot promo about “Hangman” Adam Page, which he cut after Collision went off the air this past Saturday.

As noted before, The Wrestling Observer reported that Punk caused Ryan Nemeth (Dolph Ziggler’s real-life brother) to be sent back home from last Saturday’s show as well.

Nemeth had sent out a tweet calling Punk the “softest man alive” on the night of his return when Punk called The Young Bucks “Counterfeit Bucks” on the debut episode of Collision.

PWTorch reported more details about the situation and revealed that at the Dynamite that Punk attended after his return, Punk confronted Nemeth in the locker room.

Sources stated that “Punk cornered Nemeth in the locker room, got inches from his face, and angrily and aggressively asked if they had a problem or if they needed to settle things outside.”

Punk told Nemeth that his tweet inflamed existing tensions between him and certain people in AEW. He also said that the optics of the tweet shed a bad light on Punk.

Several wrestlers witnessed the incident and described it as awkward and weird. Nemeth moved the argument out of the locker room, while Punk continued to berate him.

He tried to defend himself by saying that Punk was the first one to take shots at The Young Bucks, which led to Punk pushing back on the timing of it and saying that it worked against the public image they were going for, which intended to have everyone on the same page and not reignite past issues.

It was also noted that “Nemeth then asked Punk if he shouldn’t react to things Punk says on TV and Punk said that’d be the right choice at that time. Then they shook hands, but apparently, the tension was still high as they went their separate ways.”

Nemeth discussed the situation with his friends backstage and asked them about how he could handle the situation.

The report also stated that Punk is very protective of AEW Collision and wants it to be a low-drama environment. He sees the show as his, and wants to prove that he can provide a better leadership than The Elite.

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