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CM Punk On Why He Wants Everyone (Except One Wrestler) To Stop Doing Dives In Matches

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• CM Punk On Why He Wants Everyone (Except One Wrestler) To Stop Doing Dives In Matches

As we noted earlier, CM Punk appeared on Sunday Night’s Main Event podcast and was asked about AEW wrestler Darby Allin teasing a match against him by calling out the “Best In The World”.

Punk had the following to say about Darby’s challenge:

“Hey listen, ‘Best In the World’, that could be anybody. That’s [Daniel] Bryan, right? That’s my assumption. I hear ‘Best In the World’ and I think Bryan.”

Punk was then asked about his thoughts on Darby as a wrestler and Punk said:

“I think Darby Allin’s great. I think everybody in the wrestling world needs to never do a dive ever again because you can’t do it better than Darby.

You know, when I approached my in-ring stuff, I could do a moonsault…it sucks, and why would I do one because everybody on the roster can do one better than me, so it’s just like, why bother?

If you watch Darby Allin wrestle and watch him do one of those dives, he actually looks like he’s trying to murder somebody. So, it doesn’t get any better than that.

Stop doing dives, everybody.”

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Old School WWF Announcer “The Coach” Jonathan Coachman celebrates his 48th birthday today.

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