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CM Punk Questions AEW’s Decision Of Introducing The TBS Women’s Championship

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• CM Punk Questions AEW’s Decision Of Introducing The TBS Women’s Championship

Just like the TNT Championship for men, the TBS Championship is coming for the women in All Elite Wrestling.

During a recent interview on My Mom’s Basement with Robbie Fox, AEW wrestler CM Punk questioned if AEW’s women’s division has enough depth for another women’s title.

Here’s what Punk said:

“I think if everybody has a Title and if everybody’s a Champion, then nobody’s a Champion. I think you got to be really careful with that, and I think TBS Title is even pushing it.

There’s already a Women’s Title. Do we have the depth in the women’s division? Do we have the depth in the men’s division to have a secondary title? I think it’s been doing pretty good so far.

I think Miro brought a lot of credibility to that (TNT) belt and stabilized it, and obviously, Kenny Omega is the AEW Champion. It’s kind of a touchy subject. I know in 2021 everybody wants to really extol the virtues of women’s wrestling, and this isn’t a knock. I married a women’s wrestler. I just wonder if we have the personnel to support a secondary or a title that’s on even footing with the Women’s Title.

I don’t know, and Trios (Titles), it’s the same thing. Yeah, there’s a lot of stables that have three people, and yeah, you can have me tag with Sting and Darby (Allin), but, again, if everybody’s a Champion, nobody’s a Champion.

There needs to be, in my opinion, less Titles, but we’ll see how it goes. I’m sure all the women will prove me wrong, and I’m okay with that. I think maybe instead of a another Women’s Title, maybe Women’s Tag belts, but then again, I don’t know. Women’s Tag belts before Trio belts, I’ll say that.”

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