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CM Punk References The Rock “Taking It All Away” From Him On Tonight’s RAW

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Cody Rhodes and CM Punk came face-to-face on tonight’s RAW. Punk said let’s take a minute to enjoy this moment, where fans are chanting their names, as he hopes he can remain friends with Rhodes after Saturday’s Royal Rumble.

Rhodes asked Punk what he wants to talk about. Punk said he wants to talk about Cody’s father Dusty Rhodes. Punk said Dusty called him in 2007 and said he’s sending Cody to OVW to start his wrestling career and asked Punk to keep an eye on Cody.

Punk said he watched Cody grow from a preliminary wrestler to a main event star. Punk said he feels he’s breaking his promise to Dusty because in the Royal Rumble match, he’s going to be looking for Cody and not looking out for Cody, as he’s going to win that match and go on to main event WrestleMania.

CM Punk said he can separate business from personal and asked Cody if he can do the same on Sunday morning.

Punk congratulated Cody on becoming his own man and coming out of Dusty’s shadow. They had very different paths, but the same goal. Punk then said his father was an electrician and wasn’t famous, which makes him more of an American Dream than Cody.

Cody then talked about Punk’s pipebomb from 2011. Cody said Punk started a revolution, but he then left and didn’t pass the torch, he dropped the torch, but he picked it up and he did literally everything Punk said and couldn’t do, which makes him more CM Punk than CM Punk himself.

After hearing this, Punk made a reference to The Rock defeating him at Royal Rumble 2013 to win the WWE Championship and then main eventing WrestleMania 29, and that he’s going to do something similar to Cody this year. Here’s what Punk said:

“You are more CM Punk than I am? Allow me to give you the full road to WrestleMania CM Punk experience. See, Cody Rhodes, you have carried this company on your back for a soul-crushing 2 years and you are right around the corner they hand you the cover of the WWE 2K video game, and right when you’re about to cross the finish line and finish your story, oh wait… what’s that in the distance? It’s a much bigger superstar that hasn’t been around in a very long time, coming to take it all away from you. And I’m talking about me.”

Cody said he’s going to go through Punk at the Royal Rumble to reach his goal.

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