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CM Punk Threatened To Quit AEW After All In 2023

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CM Punk had another backstage fight in AEW

“Jungle Boy” Jack Perry took a shot at CM Punk during the AEW All In Zero Hour on Sunday. He told Punk to “go cry a river” after using real glass in a Limousine spot with HOOK during their FTW Championship match.

Punk had tried to stop Perry from using real glass in a taped segment on Collision a few months ago as Punk found it unsafe and thought that Perry wanted to use real glass so that he wouldn’t have to show up to work next week. Punk reportedly even told Perry that he could work on Dynamite if he wanted to do that stuff because they don’t do dangerous stuff like that on AEW Collision.

As noted before, Fightful Select reported that Perry had a physical altercation with Punk when he went backstage after his match with HOOK. The altercation reportedly involved physicality and a lot of yelling.

PWInsider Elite reported that Punk “went after” or even “hit” Perry. They also noted that Perry was told to leave the Wembley Stadium immediately after the incident and Punk was also told to go to his hotel soon after.

Punk’s side told Fightful in an update that Perry approached Punk backstage and “stepped in his face” and “bumped” Punk. Punk was said to have then pushed Perry. Perry allegedly “came at Punk and got choked.”

Some other people claimed to Fightful that it was Punk who approached Perry, exchanged words and then Punk “threw a punch”, grabbed a “front face lock”, which was broken up.

PWTorch shared more details on the incident in a new report and noted that Punk was threatening to quit AEW over his frustration with everything that happened.

Punk has control over which wrestlers can work Collision and he has banned those people from the show who he thinks will cause drama. This has caused controversy in the AEW locker room.

The AEW production team was notified preparing to change the match order due to Punk and Perry’s fight. There were concerns about the start of All In possibly being delayed as Punk was scheduled for the first match and if things got worse between him and Perry, a new opener for the show would have to be decided.

An eyewitness stated that Punk and Perry had an interaction between Perry’s match and before Punk’s match. Punk asked Perry if there was a problem between them and Perry responded by saying that Punk had started something online, and that was his response to it (Perry implied that Punk’s camp tried to make him look bad for wanting to be involved in the glass spot to not show up for work next week).

One veteran wrestler in AEW stated that “(Tony) Khan has fostered an environment where younger wrestlers without a lot of experience in the national spotlight feel free to ‘go into business for themselves’ online or live on TV to try to settle scores or send messages.”

The veteran also thinks that Punk overreacted in the situation and should have let it go. They stated that “more firm leadership would dissuade some wrestlers from sparking these situations.”

Several people in AEW saw this fight as a distraction from All In and got frustrated by it. It was also noted that Perry will likely take more of the blame for the incident than Punk because he was the one who started things with Punk at All In.

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