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CM Punk Trolls Fans By Teasing Both WWE & AEW Returns

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The biggest mystery in AEW right now is who is under The Devil mask? Some fans are speculating that it could be CM Punk.

Eric Bischoff had the following to say about this rumor on his 83 Weeks podcast:

“We’re dealing in fantasy land here, so I preface everything I’m saying with a, ‘I don’t believe any of this is real’.

If [CM Punk’s firing] was something that was conceived initially — back when CM Punk first went off on Tony Khan and had his meltdown and his issues with The Bucks and whoever else he had issues with — if that was all a work, and this is the result of it, I’ll put it over as the best story ever been told.

But if this is just making chicken salad out of chicken sh*t, it doesn’t qualify as a story, or an arc, or a plan. It’s just a Band-Aid, and a much needed one.”

Punk is now trolling the fans by teasing that he could indeed be The Devil. He posted a video of him dressed as The Devil for WWE Hell In A Cell 2012 promo on his Instagram story. You can watch it below:

Prior to this, Punk trolled fans by teasing a WWE return, by using the theme song for Survivor Series (which will take place in Chicago) in one of his Instagram stories:

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