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CM Punk’s Dog Got Hurt Backstage At AEW All Out 2022

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• CM Punk’s Dog Got Hurt Backstage At AEW All Out 2022

WrestlingInc has revealed some new information regarding the backstage fight between CM Punk and The Elite backstage at the AEW All Out 2022 pay-per-view.

Punk’s dog, Larry, got hurt during this backstage confrontation. Also, AEW Officials told Punk to stay quiet about this whole situation.

Fans are now questioning why Punk’s dog getting hurt story came out just now, after The Elite’s return was teased on last night’s Dynamite.

In the original reports that came out, there was no mention of Larry getting hurt. The only mention of Larry was that Kenny Omega tried to protect him.

Below is what the report stated:

“We’ve been told that AEW has not reached out to Punk since the incident following the All Out media scrum, in which Punk and his friend and trainer, Ace Steel, reportedly got into a backstage brawl with AEW EVPs Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks.

Sources indicate that after the brawl, Punk was asked to stay quiet, and agreed to do so.

From the perspective of Punk’s camp, the scrum itself — which became the talk of the wrestling world due to Punk’s comments on Colt Cabana, ‘Hangman’ Adam Page, and The Elite — didn’t seem like a big deal, and only escalated once Punk’s locker room door was ‘kicked in’ and accidentally hit Punk’s dog, Larry, in the face.

At a pre-scheduled veterinarian appointment a few days later, Punk was informed that two of Larry’s teeth had been knocked loose and had to be removed.”

UPDATE: CM Punk’s Dog Getting Hurt During All Out PPV Fight Is An “Outright Lie”

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