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Cody Rhodes On If He’ll Go After The World Heavyweight Championship

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Cody Rhodes wants to finish the story – which is win the title that his father Dusty Rhodes couldn’t win – the WWE Championship (known as the WWWF / WWF Championship back in the day).

However, Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns got drafted to SmackDown and Cody Rhodes got drafted to RAW.

Triple H has introduced the World Heavyweight Championship for RAW. Tournament to crown the new champion will begin this coming Monday.

During an interview with Comic Book Nation, The American Nightmare was asked if he’d go after the World Heavyweight Championship instead of the WWE Championship.

Below is what the WrestleMania 39 main eventer said:

“Triple H, being the coach here and calling the shots, and making it clear that the World Heavyweight Championship, from a fan of physical belts and all the nods and things that were done; the lions, pieces of old titles put on this hunting piece of metal that Triple H unveiled, as a fan of classic titles, it’s definitely something that piqued my interest.

That’s the title that represents RAW. That’s the title that main events RAW. That’s the title that is the franchise title for the USA Network. I can’t say that I don’t want it. I can’t say that’s not something that, if you look and revise your goals and say, ‘this is the route we have to go,’ especially with me being drafted to RAW, that might be more of a case of a different story.

The goal is still the same for me, but by no means am I, or should anyone, be looking down on the new World Championship. It’s one of those things where in time, people will hopefully come to love and revere. It’s being positioned as the lead title for the brand itself and it will take a lead individual to handle it.

RAW has a stacked roster. I definitely want to throw myself in the mix. I try not to get into the discussion because of how WrestleMania 39 ends, a lot of people wonder how I would look at this.

I try not to get into a discussion on it because, in my mind, the goal hasn’t changed, but other things are going to come up. You’re going to confront new adversity and for me, that’s Brock Lesnar more than anything.

I can’t even think about that beautiful belt until I’m able to do something that very few people are able to do; get in the ring with The Beast and not just survive, but win.”

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