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Dawn Marie Says A Controversy Resulted In Her Retirement From Wrestling

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• Dawn Marie Says A Controversy Resulted In Her Retirement From Wrestling

Old School ECW/WWE Diva Dawn Marie recently appeared on D-Von Dudley’s ‘Table Talk’ podcast, where she revealed the reason why she retired from the professional wrestling business.

She said that she was supporting a charity called “Wrestler’s Rescue”, which was set up to raise money for former stars, but eventually turned out to be a scam.

Here’s what Dawn had to say:

“I hung it up when the whole controversy, I thought I’ve had enough of you people, when that whole controversy happened with Wrestler’s Rescue.

It was all lies. I put out so much proof that every single thing was a lie. Everything. I had all this proof.

No one wanted to hear it. All they wanted to hear was bad stuff and people believed it.

I was like, ‘You know what? I don’t have to be hurt by this business anymore. Why am I here?’ I was like, ‘I can’t do it anymore. That’s it. I’m done. I’m washing my hands.’

It was just consuming. I was so hurt that people, or should I say, the fans, actually believed it. I was like, ‘You know what? I’m not putting myself there anymore. I’m done.’

I spent more money on that foundation than I ever made on that foundation for people. Not only that, my whole purpose of creating that organization, because after I was fired and I had my lawsuit with Vince, I just wanted to make lemonade from lemons.

It was my way of trying to change the business in a positive way. Isn’t that what we were always taught in the business? You want to retire knowing you changed the business in a positive way.

Well, my career was cut short, so I wasn’t able to really do it too much in the ring.

That was my way of staying true to my promise to like Snuka, and everyone that ever passed down this business to me and took the time to teach me.

When it was dirtied up so bad, I was like, ‘I’m out. This business has hurt me for the last time and I don’t have to anymore.’

I don’t have to. I just divorced it.”

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September 5, 1935 – May 3, 1996

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