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Eric Bischoff Reveals Why He Let Mick Foley Go From WCW In 1994

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WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley used to wrestle for Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling in 1990 and again from 1991 until he left for ECW in 1994.

During an interview with Kenny McIntosh, Eric Bischoff – who pretty much ran WCW for Turner starting in 1993 – was asked why he let Foley leave the promotion, especially considering how he became a huge main event mega-star in the World Wrestling Federation just a few years later.

Here’s what Eric had to say:

“Context is absolutely key. You have to look individually. I let Mick Foley go because Mick Foley was determined. I liked Mick. Mick and I were friends. We socialized outside of wrestling a little bit. Our wives… I liked Mick.

But Mick was determined to do things that were so high-risk. And in some cases not only to himself, well for sure to himself. But he also put fans at risk. He put the company, Turner Broadcasting at risk.

He wanted to dive-off balconies outside of the ring, on the ring apron or on the floor outside of the ring. And there’s always a chance that something could go wrong and a fan sitting at ringside could get hurt.”

Bischoff made a similar point during an episode of his ’83 Weeks’ podcast, when he had the following to say:

“That was the last straw, and I let Mick go because Mick was a liability, not only onto himself but, in certain circumstances in WCW, he was dangerous to the fans.

Not intentionally, obviously, but when you’re jumping off balconies onto the floor in front of the crowd, things can go wrong.

Mick made his own decision to leave WCW. He was given a choice, and he chose to continue wrestling the way he wrestled.”

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