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Slight Possibility of Finn Balor Missing WrestleMania 33, Updated Match Card & Poster For Backlash 2016, Old School WWF Veteran One Man Gang Needs Your Help, Rey Mysterio Heavily Juiced Up (Photo)

Let us take a look at the top 8 WWE News & Professional Wrestling stories of the hour:

8. What Happened After Last Night’s SmackDown Live Went Off The Air?
A 6 man tag team dark main event between a mix of Raw & SmackDown Superstars took place after last night’s SmackDown Live went off the air. The team of John Cena (who didn’t appear on SmackDown Live), Roman Reigns & WWE World Champion Dean Ambrose faced the team of Bray Wyatt, Seth Rollins & Eric Rowan.

The end came when Reigns hit a Superman Punch & Spear on Rollins, Cena hit an Wyatt with an Attitude Adjustment, and Ambrose delivered a Dirty Deeds on Rowan for the pinfall.

Below is the ending of this dark main event:

7. The Miz & Daniel Bryan Engage In A Heated Argument on Talking Smack, Bryan Takes A Shot At “WWE Style” of Wrestling

During last night’s edition of Talking Smack (SmackDown Live’s post show), SmackDown Live General Manager Daniel Bryan talked about how he doesn’t like The Miz as he wrestled a “WWE Style” and it makes him look like a coward who is afraid to get hit.

This ticked off the Intercontinental Champion and gave the reason why he wrestles the way he does. Miz said he wrestles in a way in which he doesn’t get injured and noted how he has never been injured in his career. Miz then took a shot at how Bryan got injured and was unable to return. Bryan said he would return if the WWE officials would let him return.

Miz kept taking shots at Bryan and this led to the General Manager of the Blue Brand to walk away.

Also on last night’s Talking Smack, Carmella attacked Nikki Bella yet again.

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