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Former WWE Champion Will Miss WrestleMania 39 As Well

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• Former WWE Champion Will Miss WrestleMania 39 As Well

2022 has been rough for WWE Superstar Big E.

He lost the WWE Championship on the first day of the year. He then suffered a broken neck on an episode of SmackDown, which resulted in him missing WrestleMania 38.

It looks like Big E is going to miss WrestleMania 39 as well, because he’s not completely healed and the doctors plan to check his neck again in March 2023.

Below is what The New Day member said on the Out Of Character podcast:

“For those who don’t know, I broke my C1 in two places. It’s a ‘Jefferson fracture’ what they call and I also broke C6 and did that in March.

So last update I talked to Dr. Maroon, who’s a Pittsburgh based doctor and he’s worked with the company for a very long time and essentially the issue right now is my C1 is not completely ossifying, it’s not completely forming into bone. But it appears to be healing fibrously, so It’s kind of contained enough.

I’m not a medical expert, I’m gonna butcher all these terms but it’s good enough that, they are not worried about me, my day to day life, they are cool clearing me, I don’t need the brace anymore, they took the surgery off the the table.

Right now, I would be cleared to live a normal life, but I’m not cleared to be taking off and hitting suicide spears and to be taking back bumps.

The nature of what we do is very physical, involves your neck and spine and I like to keep that as intact as possible.

So for me right now, the next step is they wanna take a look at it again after a year, I get some more scan. So we were talking about like March of next year to see how it’s doing, we might also along the way at the 6 and 9 month mark look at it again.

But the upside is right now is I have no nerve issues, there’s no tingling, no weakness and I’ve been in the gym since two weeks after breaking my neck. They told me as long as your neck is in the braces, as long as you stay in the braces you are good for that.”

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