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Former WWE Personality Will Return On Tonight’s AEW Dynamite (Spoiler)

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• Former WWE Personality Will Return On Tonight’s AEW Dynamite (Spoiler)

Tonight’s episode of AEW Dynamite was taped last Thursday. You can check out the complete spoilers by tapping here.

On tonight’s episode, former WWE RAW General Manager Eric Bischoff will return to AEW programming during a Town Hall segment featuring Chris Jericho.

Below is what happened during the segment:

“Chris Jericho out first with a jacket only he can pull off. Britt Baker gets to ask a question and fangirls a bit before insinuating that MJF might be trying to trick him. Jericho says he’s aware of MJF’s past and says he’s a friend, but he’s not privy to the Inner Circle’s private business yet. Peter Avalon gets a question and just straight asks to join Inner Circle. They laugh him off the mic.

Next question is from a special guest, who is back and better than ever. Eric Bischoff asks MJF what he can do for the Inner Circle, and MJF replies “One word. Friendship”. Bischoff follows up by asking MJF what the Inner Circle can do for him. MJF says he’s the total package, but his one weakness is that he’s not the best team player. He says that joining Inner Circle will teach him how to be a better teammate.

Bischoff starts another question by calling Jericho a primadonna and Jericho cuts him off. Schiavone tells Jericho to shut up and that Bischoff has the floor. Bischoff tells MJF that he has the same primadonna characteristics and asks him what will happen if he joins Inner Circle and he and Jericho butt heads. MJF dodges the question and instead runs down a list of all the things he’s done recently for Jericho, including ‘giving you the best segment of your career last week’.

MJF asks Jericho flatly ‘what haven’t I done’ to deserve a spot and Jericho replies ‘you haven’t beaten me’. Jericho challenges him to a match at Full Gear, and if MJF can win, then he’s in. MJF says that it’s the biggest opportunity of his life and that he’ll do anything to win. Santana and Ortiz run down MJF and tell him that just because Jericho is entertaining this whole thing doesn’t mean that he’ll ever fit in with the Inner Circle. Santana and Ortiz demand a match next week against MJF and Wardlow to close the segment.”

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It was pre-taped in Hartford, Connecticut and featured mid-card matches on the road to the ‘WWF Survivor Series 2000’ PPV.

The card can be found right here:

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