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Former WWE Wrestler Tyler Reks Has Lost 190 Pounds After Transgender Transformation (Photo)

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In February 2021, former WWE wrestler Tyler Reks announced that he’s a woman now, as he underwent a transgender transformation.

His real name was Gabe Tuft, which was turned into Gabbi Tuft.

In an essay written for Insider, Gabbi revealed dropping 190 lbs to achieve the transformed look:

“The 280-pound wrestler and bodybuilder that other people saw was not who I saw when I looked in the mirror. When I began my transition, I wrestled (no pun intended) with how I desired to present myself to the world.

To lose the massive amount of muscle mass I had, I made myself a guinea pig. I combined my years of expertise in fitness and nutrition and got to work trying different nutrition styles and sustainable approaches to working out. I knew I could never be a person who didn’t work out, but through research and data extrapolation, I knew I could find a pathway to the fit, feminine aesthetic I was after.

I’ve lost 190 pounds of weight and muscle mass, but my transition didn’t happen overnight. I sometimes felt discouraged, especially when what was staring back at me in the mirror didn’t align with the image I had of myself in my head.

Former WWE Wrestler Tyler Reks Gabbi Tuft Has Lost 190 Pounds After Transgender Transformation

I hope that my journey — and the work I have done in developing ways to stay fit while shedding pretransition muscle — will create a ripple effect within the trans community.”

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