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Former WWF Writer Reveals Who Was Originally Scheduled To Run Over Stone Cold Steve Austin

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• Former WWF Writer Reveals Who Was Originally Scheduled To Run Over Stone Cold Steve Austin

At the Survivor Series 1999 pay-per-view, Stone Cold Steve Austin was written off WWF programming after being run over by a car.

This angle was done because Austin was suffering from a legitimate injury and needed to take care of it.

During an interview with Ariel Helwani, former WWF Writer Brian Gewirtz revealed that Tazz was originally scheduled to run over Austin.

Below is what Brian said:

“The amount of people who were gonna freakin’ run over Stone Cold Steve Austin at some point, you could fill a jury with them and have alternates.

There were a lot of people and it kept switching. It was kind of like a hot potato.

I remember at one point Vince looked at me and was like, ‘Tazz’. At one point, it was gonna be Tazz. Okay, great. Let’s make it Tazz.

Then for whatever reason, the next week, it’s someone different. I wouldn’t call that necessarily a success.

Rikishi is a Hall of Fame performer, but he’s likable and a natural babyface, and people want to like him. Sometimes you just don’t know until you try.

Then ultimately, it was Rikishi, but Triple H was behind it all along, and it went back to the natural order of things.”

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• Old School Wrestling Veteran Would Have Celebrates His Birthday

Today would have been the 61st birthday of “Hot Stuff” Eddie Gilbert (Real name: Thomas Gilbert Jr.).

Eddie wrestled for all the major big promotions during his career, including the World Wrestling Federation, Jim Crockett Promotions, World Championship Wrestling, Mid-South/UWF, ECW, USWA, GWF, …

He was married to famous wrestling valet Missy Hyatt from 1987 till 1989 and then married Madusa (later known as Alundra Blayze) in 1992.

In 1995, we lost Eddie due to a heart attack.


August 14, 1961 – February 18, 1995

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