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Greatest Royal Rumble (Live Coverage & Results) – Part 5

The Undertaker Rusev Greatest Royal Rumble Casket Match

This is part 5 of our Greatest Royal Rumble live coverage (click here for Part 4).

Up next is the Casket match!

Aiden English comes out to introduce Rusev. Rusev makes his way out and English said that today is The Undertaker last day on Rusev Day.

The Undertaker’s music hits next to a massive pop! The Undertaker is announced at 309 lbs tonight.

The Undertaker touches the casket when he reaches the ring. The Undertaker brings back the lights to a big pop.

HUGE POP for Taker removing his hat and rightfully so! Everyone is on their feet and filming The Deadman with their phones!

Rusev enters the ring and the match begins. The Undertaker’s first casket match was in 1992. The Undertaker tells the referees to open the casket and Rusev leaves the ring.

Rusev enters the ring, but leaves again. But The Undertakes goes out of the ring this time and punches Rusev. The action goes back into the ring and Rusev attacks Taker.

Taker comes back into the fight and nails a series of punches. Taker is now working on Rusev’s shoulder and nails the OLD SCHOOL move!

Undertaker throws Rusev on top of the Casket and Rusev is frightened. Action reaches outside again and Rusev attacks Taker, but Taker fires back and throws him into the barricade and the barricade bends!

The Undertaker sets up Rusev on the apron and nails a Vintage Leg Drop! Taker signals for the casket to be opened and Taker rolls Rusev into the casket, but English stops the casket lid from being shut down. Taker goes after English and Rusev escapes.

Rusev nails a kick right to Taker’s head and The Phenom is down. Rusev & Taker trade strikes and Taker lays out Rusev.

Taker delivers a headbutt to Rusev. Taker Irish Whips Rusev on to the ropes, but Rusev bounces back and nails a spinning kick on Taker.

Rusev is now looking to crush The Undertaker as he looks in the Accolade.

The Undertaker is down and Rusev tells the referees to open the casket. The Undertaker does his sit-up in the meantime and goes for the Chokeslam, but Rusev escapes and both trade punches! The Undertaker eventually nails a Chokeslam!

The Undertaker puts Rusev in the Casket. Aiden interrupts and Undertaker nails a Chokeslam and a Tombstone Piledriver on English!

Taker puts English in the casket as well and closes the lid! The Undertaker has defeated both men!

The Undertaker def. Rusev & Aiden English in a Casket Match

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