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Hall Of Famer Is In Talks To Do Something In Wrestling After WWE Release

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• Hall Of Famer Is In Talks To Do Something In Wrestling After WWE Release

On the latest episode of his weekly ‘Oh…You Didn’t Know’ podcast, WWE Hall Of Famer Road Dogg confirmed that he is currently in talks with a professional wrestling promotion regarding a return to the business.

Here’s what he had to say:

“I feel like I’m everywhere. But look, I do feel like it’s time, you know what I mean? It’s that time where I don’t like saying this normally, but it’s where we’re going to get into making BG James, Road Dogg, Brian James, whatever, a brand. To successfully make it a brand, we’ve got to come up with a freaking name first.

But you know, make it a brand and start trying to get my name out there and some of my knowledge out there to help.

I’ve been in talks with a local wrestling company, not too local, but a wrestling company about doing something. So, really excited about my future.

I am getting out and about and meeting everybody, and that’s really cool because I feel like I’ve been hiding behind the camera for a decade.”

Road Dogg was released from WWE earlier this year.

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• Old School Wrestling Veteran Celebrates His Birthday

Old School WWF Veteran Billy Jack Haynes (Real name: William Haynes III) celebrates his 69th birthday today.

Billy Jack Haynes wrestled for several territories including Pacific Northwest Wrestling, World Class Championship Wrestling, Championship Wrestling from Florida and Jim Crockett Promotions, before joining the World Wrestling Federation in 1986 at the peak of the Golden Era.

After being let go by the WWF in 1988, Haynes wrestled for promotions like the United States Wrestling Association, Herb Abrams’ Universal Wrestling Federation and even Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling (under a mask as “Black Blood”).

In recent years he made a name for himself for doing several shoot interviews, where he came up with some of the sickest and most screwed up stories anyone can imagine. We can not confirm whether there is any truth to them or not, but won’t mention them here. You can easily google the stories anyway.


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