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Hall Of Famer Says Vince McMahon Has Choked The Magic Out Of WWE

Vince McMahon

• WWE VIDEO HISTORY (October 5, 2010) – WWE NXT

On this day in 2010, World Wrestling Entertainment aired another episode of their weekly TV show ‘WWE NXT’.

The card of the show can be found here:

1. Aksana vs. Maxine

2. Vickie Guerrero vs. Kaitlyn

• Hall Of Famer Says Vince McMahon Has Choked The Magic Out Of WWE

In a recent post on Facebook, WWE Hall of Famer “Superstar” Billy Graham gave his views on why he thinks Vince McMahon has choked the magic out of WWE.

Below is what he posted:

“A Slow………. Agonizing death

In the photo below, we see a not so normal sight. A strange young lady sleeping nude with a python snake. I read the article on her and she said that ” The python kept her warm. ” Well Miss python lady, one of these cold winter nights you will open your eyes to see in fact that your warm nude body made for a perfect sleeping comforter for this snake, slowly squeezing the life out of you before it swallows you whole.

This photo is an illustration of what Vince is doing and has done to his company and the whole wrestling world, slowly choking it to death. My friend, Al Nickols, had a good question for me… ” Do you think Vince at this point is so far out of the loop he himself doesn’t even know how abysmal his wrestling ( using that term loosely ) has become.” Ah, Mr Nickols, very good insight my man and the answer is of course, YES !!!

Vince cannot see that he has choked out the magic, suspension of reality, excitability, intrigue and most important, the originality of this once truly must see event. Add that to today, I read that RAW just 2 days ago dropped again to a new ratings low !!

The single lowest rating in 20 years. The 3rd hour barely breaking 2 mil at 2.081 million viewers. He refuses to stop this 3 hour long marathon of a show.

Damm, how many commercials do you have to sit through in 3 hours of programing !!!!

Plus, the last segment, which was the lowest rating featured the legends of Taker, Shawn Michaels, Kane and HHH. A slow death Vince, that’s what you have in this country. But oh yes…you do have the rest of the world to slowly choke to death.

But, I believe you yourself will go the way of the young nude girl sleeping with her python, a slow….agonizing death. Proof is, that you don’t want to be seen on TV anymore because you are looking older. Time is an enemy…Bob Dylan.. Time…. is your python Vince. Peace, S.B.G.”

Billy Graham recently talked about how the Legends are the main draws of WWE Super Show-Down event and that younger WWE talent can’t carry this show.

Below is what he posted:

“The Over 50 Club

In just a matter of days the fine folks in Melbourne, Australia will be treated to the biggest event outside of a WrestleMania extravaganza. By far the most anticipated match on this card will be The Undertaker vs HHH. H will have the amazing Shawn Michaels in his corner and the Taker will have Kane in his corner.

Kane is 51, Undertaker is 53, Shawn is 53 and H is 49. How is it that a company, hell bent on promoting young talent, cannot to save their life come up with a match more important to the success of this show than 4 great men in their 50’s ? Oh yes, Shane McMahon is on the card, thank God the tax payers are not paying his air and his $100,000 pay-off, he is a total joke on this card.

Then you have Ronda Rousey returning to the city and stadium where she got her a$$ kicked by Holly Holm…welcome home RR, wearing your belt that looks like it was bought in a Walmart toy department section. The over 50 club proves that the younger talent, some excellent, like the Japanese guy and Asuka, cannot in any way carry this show.

It takes real pros in their 50’s to get the real superstar pop and respect, an amazing set of circumstances !!!”

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