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“He got verbally abused, it was pretty brutal” – Kurt Angle On Former WWE Writer In Wrestlers’ Court

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• “He got verbally abused, it was pretty brutal” – Kurt Angle On Former WWE Writer In Wrestlers’ Court

During a recent edition of his podcast, WWE Hall Of Famer Kurt Angle recalled witnessing wrestlers’ court backstage and former WWE writer Brian Gewirtz being punished.

Below is what Angle said:

“I did witness wrestlers’ court one time. What happened was the writer, Brian Gewirtz, who I believe is the most talented writer WWE ever had in the company, he was writing for a lot of the superstars.

In particular, The Rock, me, Chris Jericho, Edge and Christian, and some of the wrestlers thought that he was favoring us more than them.

Brian was just doing his job, he had good chemistry with certain wrestlers and that’s where Vince assigned him to.

The wrestlers thought he was doing it because he was playing favorites but he wasn’t playing favorites.

This is who he was supposed to be writing for, they decided to take him to wrestlers’ court and Undertaker was the judge and [JBL] was the prosecuting attorney.

Brian Gewirtz had to defend himself and he got abused, verbally abused, not physically but it was pretty brutal.

In the end, what he had to do was buy two kegs of beer for the wrestlers. Wrestlers court usually ended in someone having to pay someone off with alcohol.”

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