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“He has a big future ahead of him” – Paul Heyman On Top AEW Wrestler

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• “He has a big future ahead of him” – Paul Heyman On Top AEW Wrestler

During an interview on The MMA Hour, Paul Heyman talked about AEW wrestler MJF saying he’ll be listening to offers from other companies in a few years.

Below are the highlights:

On MJF saying he’ll be listening to WWE’s offer in 2024 when his AEW contract expires:

“I saw your show with MJF. I understand what he’s doing. It’s smart negotiating on his part at the moment, but I’m in a different position right now and was a year ago.

A year ago, when my contract was coming due, it was a very easy decision. WWE made it very easy for me and they locked me in for long-term.

I don’t want to discuss how long the term is. Long enough for both parties to be real happy with each other and real comfortable with each other and happy with the contributions to each other.”

On if MJF has impressed him:

“Yeah, why wouldn’t I be? He’s very credible on the mic. Incredible is not a compliment. Incredible means he’s not credible. He’s credible. He’s very good at what he does. He’s very young and he has a big future ahead of him.”

On if MJF negotiating his contract in public was a bad idea:

“For his perspective, no. In his position, no. Where he’s working right now, no. Where he wants to work in the future, no. It’s not bad business at all.

For what he obviously views his trajectory to be, for what he obviously views his future to be, not bad business at all. Pretty smart, I would say. Pretty smart.”

On if he could align himself with MJF in the future:

“Aligning myself with him? We’re a long way…right now, he’s in a very enviable spot in an upstart promotion that has tremendous financing and excellent distribution. Let’s see what the future holds for him. I’m sure, at some point in his life, we’re going to bump into each other.”

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