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Hell In A Cell 2020 (Live Coverage & Results) – Part 4

Randy Orton Defeats Drew McIntyre At Hell In A Cell 2020 WrestleFeed App

This is part 4 of our Hell In A Cell 2020 live coverage (part 3 is here).

The Hurt Business has decided that Bobby Lashley will face RETRIBUTION’s Slapjack tonight, and Lashley is even willing to put the United States Championship on the line.

That match is up next.

After back & forth action, Lashley wins the match with the Hurt Lock.

Bobby Lashley (c) def. Slapjack to retain the United States Championship

RETRIBUTION immediately attacks Lashley after the match. The rest of The Hurt Business comes out, and Mustafa Ali and his men retreat.

After the match, a promo for Survivor Series 2020 airs and it’s going to be celebration for 30 years of The Undertaker!

WWE Survivor Series 2020 30 Years Of Undertaker Official Graphic WrestleFeed App

Up next is the main event of the evening, and it is a Hell in a Cell match for the WWE Championship!

WWE Champion Drew McIntyre makes his way out first, and Randy Orton is behind him dressed as a cameraman!

The match hasn’t begun and they’re already brawling! Orton has cleared the announce table and is looking to put Drew through it.

They both enter the cell and the door has been locked, and the match is officially underway.

McIntyre is absolutely dominating Orton, hitting him with Steel Chairs and Steel Ring Steps!

McIntyre is looking to hit the Claymore Kick, but Orton delivered a Chair Shot to Drew’s knee. Orton is now targeting Drew’s previously fractured jaw (result of multiple punt kicks over the past few months).

McIntyre puts Orton through a table on the outside with a Belly to Belly overhead suplex!

Orton has now opened the Cell door with the help of a bolt cutter. He’s now heading to the back as he has had enough and McIntyre attacks him from behind.

Orton sends McIntyre face-first into the Cell wall and is now climbing to the top of the cell!

Orton reaches the top of the cell and is calling Drew up, and Drew reaches the top too!

Orton has a lead pipe on top of the cell too and he swings it, but McIntyre ducks and takes down Orton.

Orton is now climb down the cell and so is Drew. Orton & McIntyre are fighting on the side of the wall, and Drew falls down and goes through the announce table!!!

You can watch it below:

Drew is bleeding from the mouth now. Drew can’t stand up and is struggling badly.

Action goes back to the ring, and Drew counters Randy’s RKO and hits the Claymore Kick, and Orton rolls out of the ring.

Drew is looking to hit another Claymore Kick and misses and Orton nails the RKO and wins!

Randy Orton def. Drew McIntyre (c) in a Hell in a Cell match to win the WWE Championship

Randy Orton Wins WWE Championship At Hell In A Cell 2020

Hell In A Cell 2020 goes off the air with Orton posing with the WWE Championship on the ramp, while a disappointed McIntyre looking on from the ring.

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