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“He’s feeding people to AEW” – WCW Legend Can’t Believe What Vince McMahon Is Doing

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• “He’s feeding people to AEW” – WCW Legend Can’t Believe What Vince McMahon Is Doing

On a recent episode of his weekly ’83 Weeks’ podcast, Old School WCW Legend Eric Bischoff addressed the release of probably the best and most successful gimmick of the past 10 years, ‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt.

The former WCW President couldn’t believe that Vince McMahon could give his rival promotion, All Elite Wrestling, the chance to sign someone like Wyatt, who WWE built up to main event status quite a few years ago and has since evolved into a character the fans really could get into.

Here’s what Eric had to say:

“I find it ironic that 6 or 8 months ago people were thinking, ‘Oh man, Vince McMahon is afraid to let anybody go because he’s afraid of AEW’. For god sake, he’s like feeding people to AEW.

I have no instinct on this, I have no gut feel on this but I’m fascinated with the fact that WWE is willing to not just let talent go, let marquee talent go with a high level of equity amongst wrestling fans at the point where AEW is making such solid progress. They got momentum in their corner now.

They’re on a roll now and what a weird time to release a talent like Bray Wyatt that has so much freaking equity with the audience and allow him to be in position to go to AEW. That is a phenomenally interesting scenario to me, makes me wonder what is going on behind the scenes in WWE. I’m just fascinated, it’s an interesting time to be interested in the business of the wrestling business.”

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