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“I don’t know why it’s called wrestling” – Jesse Ventura On What’s Wrong With Today’s Style Of Pro Wrestling

• “I don’t know why it’s called wrestling” – Jesse Ventura On What’s Wrong With Today’s Style Of Pro Wrestling

Jesse Ventura wrestled professionally from 1975 until 1986 and then went on to do color commentary till 1994, before going into politics and even becoming the Governor of Minnesota in 1998.

During a recent appearance at the Steel City Comic-Con, Jesse revealed that he isn’t very keen on the modern day style of professional wrestling, that you see nowadays.

Here’s what the 2004 WWE Hall of Famer had to say:

“I couldn’t participate today. Because I watch it today and all it is is tumbling and street fighting. I don’t know why it’s called wrestling, because nobody takes a hold.

In my day, all matches started, you circled each other and you locked up. Today, nobody locks up. And the other difference why I’d have a problem today is that in my day, we had the freedom to create for ourselves who we were going to be. You had that freedom of creativity.

Today, you have a bunch of writers who pick out a Marvel Comics character, and then they pick out a body to make that guy this. ‘You’re going to become this’. And I don’t think that does nothing for the creativity of the wrestler when you should be creating yourself who you are.

It’ll have much better translation and transfer to the people, I think. But that’s just Jesse’s antiquated old opinion today, as being someone over 70, and all the young people think you don’t know sh*t.”

Jesse ‘The Body’ Ventura isn’t the only one lately to speak his mind on the state pro wrestling is in, as fellow WWF Legend Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart recently shared his view on today’s pro wrestling as well, and let’s just say Bret’s opinion sounded pretty similar to what Jesse said.

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