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“I flew to Saudi Arabia knowing I was going to lose” – Goldberg Clarifies False Rumors About Match With The Fiend

Goldberg beats The Fiend At Super ShowDown 2020

• “I flew to Saudi Arabia knowing I was going to lose” – Goldberg Clarifies False Rumors About Match With The Fiend

On February 27, 2020, Old School WCW Legend Bill Goldberg defeated WWE Universal Champion ‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt for the Title at WWE Super ShowDown 2020 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Many Internet fans actually hated that outcome, as they felt it would hurt The Fiend’s push, while at the same time even more Old School fans loved the result and marked out for Goldberg winning the belt.

Someone started a rumor online that Goldberg had in some way, shape or form interfered in the booking of the match or even changed the finish to him getting the victory instead of Bray, which have been confirmed to be false on multiple occasions.

Either the Saudi Prince demanded Goldberg’s victory and title win, or Vince McMahon ordered it that way to make the Saudi Prince happy and at the same time give us a great ‘Spear vs. Spear’ dream match against (at that time still a babyface) Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 36, which ended up not happening that year.

In a recent interview with SHAK Wrestling, Goldberg was able to address the above mentioned (false) rumors regarding his involvement in the booking of the match:

“Let’s put it this way. I’ve never said anything that wasn’t true in the wrestling business. I’m a talent and I do what the boss tells me to do.

I flew to Saudi Arabia knowing I was going to lose. Then somehow it changed and the finish was different. It surely wasn’t me because it’s an extremely selfish move to do.

Number two: truly it wouldn’t be about the business. It would be about myself. Number three: who the hell am I as a part-time guy to come in and demand anything? Truly, I’m not.

Vince gave me opportunities that maybe I didn’t deserve in the past. I owe that man just about everything.

First and foremost, I’ve never said no to putting anybody over. Maybe back in WCW, I didn’t agree with putting Chris Jericho over or something like that.

If I can remember correctly because I didn’t think it was time for the character Goldberg to be involved in any comedy.

But not in a million years in that Fiend situation in Saudi Arabia would I have done that. No way in hell.

I’d love to see him, Bray Wyatt, face-to-face and make sure there is not one percent of his being that believes that I changed that match.

That’s the first time I’ve actually been able to defend myself in that situation.”

Goldberg is currently a free agent and had to get shoulder surgery after his last WWE run, which he already recovered from.

WWE could be planning some sort of big 25th anniversary celebration for Goldberg on the September 23rd episode of SmackDown in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Bill had his official debut match on September 22, 1997, when he defeated Hugh Morrus on WCW Monday Nitro in the same town of Salt Lake City, Utah.

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• Old School WCW Valet Would Have Celebrated Her Birthday

Today would have been the 47th birthday of Old School WCW Valet Daffney (Real name: Shannon Spruill).

Most Old School Wrestling fans remember seeing her on WCW TV as David Flair’s (kayfabe) mentally ill girlfriend, managing the Tag Team of David & Crowbar.

The last time Daffney was seen on a major wrestling television product was when she had a run in Dixie Carter’s Total Nonstop Action! (now known as iMPACT Wrestling) from 2008 till 2010, when she managed Dr. Stevie (Stevie Richards) and got involved in a storyline with The Beautiful People, but also wrestled quite a lot herself.


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