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“I got turned down to go to rehab by the WWF. That’s humiliation” – WCW Veteran

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• “I got turned down to go to rehab by the WWF. That’s humiliation” – WCW Veteran

Old School WCW Veteran Buff Bagwell (fka Marcus Alexander Bagwell) was interviewed on an episode of the ‘Who The Fook Are These Guys’ podcast, where he revealed that WWE turned him down for rehab and declined his request.

Here’s what the former nWo member had to say:

“I got turned down to go to rehab by the WWF. Think about that bro. I mean, that’s not just crazy, that’s humiliation. It is, flat out. Any way you want to put it. I’m the only wrestler in the history of time for two things, to main event the first week and then the next week your fired, and I’m the only person in the history of time to be turned down to go around for rehab.

So many good friends of mine went several times and it helped them. And to be honest with you, I’m not bad. I’m not. But it’s kind of like the little boy who cried wolf a little bit. My friends think that I’m worse than I am. And I’m really not. But still, at the same time, I want them to feel good, and I want the fans to see that I’m going to put 60 day in.

The only reason you saw Dallas, Booker and me was because our contracts were up. That’s it. The rest of them, your Lex’s, your Flairs, all your other big stars were because they had a big contract and could sit at home and get that money.

But I chose to lose $80 grand and say, ‘look, I’ll tell you what. Vince, with all the heat that’s on me, I said forget the $80 grand. You don’t owe it to me. I’m letting you know I’m coming to you, because I’m going to cancel the heat, cancel everything you’ve heard about me, and show you by losing $80 grand that I was on the team.’ I was fired in a week. That’s f**ked up bro.

I just wanted to prove to them that I wasn’t the bad villain that they thought. And it was worth it to me, and keep in mind I was making a million in a year, losing $80 grand is nothing. Right now I think I’d kill my own dad and my own family for that (laugh). As soon as I told my manager, he said ‘Mark, that’s f**king brilliant. They’re going to be all over this’.

And they fired me in a f**king week. In Atlanta. He’s a piece of sh*t dude. Don’t get me wrong, Vince McMahon is one of the best promoters, for a long time. But in my situation, giving him $80 grand to say ‘hey, I’m giving you my heart and soul to show you on the team.’ And for him to use me as a sacrificial name to get the locker room to get together, and I lose $80 grand.

I got fired and I go, ‘can I get my $80 grand back?’ I f**king asked. I was like, ‘f**k, that was part of the deal. That $80 grand, that deal was for you to take me in and for us to be cool. Now I’ve lost $80,000 over a deal I thought was smart.’ I didn’t get my $80 grand back, and had to sue him to get my f**king top hat back.”

Here’s what Buff said about the situation on his own ‘Rebuilding Buff’ podcast:

“You ready for this one? WWE turned me down on going to rehab. I want to put that in your head and let you run with that, and just think about Scott Hall going 4 or 5 times, that crazy, crazy, crazy a$$ girl, that Dustin Rhodes was married to, that went 5 or 6 times.

Not to mention Road Dogg…you kidding me? You think he went once? They went every time they could, I ask once and they deny me. They deny me, bro. Here I am trying to get better, I’ve come to them, on what they want me to do, which is get better, and it’s not like I’m off the chain.

I mean, I’m in shape, you can tell by my body. I’m in shape, I’m at the gym every day. I feel great and all that but still, you know, I could use something like that to get my life completely straight up, and a company like AEW could take me for real, you know?

And that’s where Dallas [Page] is really behind this thing, is more like, look, he goes, ‘You’re a great guy, it’s just nobody thinks nothing’s wrong with you because you look great, you sound great, but you don’t act like it, you need help. You need help.’ And I said, ‘I agree, I agree with you, I’m with you.’

But what do you do when the WWF, out of all of those drug addicts I just talked about, from Jake Roberts to Scott Hall, down the list. If they get mad about me saying they’re drug addicts, then they’re just idiots because we all were drug addicts, and if they’re willing to say that, then so be it.

They can be proud enough to say that if they want to, but it’s not the truth. The truth is, they turned me down.”

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