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“I was so thankful for the abortions I had that lead me to being alive” – Brodie Lee’s Widow Amanda Huber

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• “I was so thankful for the abortions I had that lead me to being alive” – Brodie Lee’s Widow Amanda Huber

The United States Supreme Court voted to overturn Roe v. Wade on Friday morning.

For those who don’t know, Roe v. Wade was a landmark decision of the U.S. Supreme Court from 1973 in which the Court ruled that the Constitution of the United States generally protects a pregnant woman’s liberty to choose to have an abortion.

This led to Jon Huber’s (Luke Harper / Brodie Lee) widow sharing the following story on Twitter:

“All right.

Story time.

Back in October 2015 @IAmJericho put this photo on Instagram.

October 17th was the date this photo was taken.

I know because I was in the hospital. I almost died.

Jon was in Mexico on tour.

We were pregnant with a baby we had been desperately trying for.

Something felt off. I had had some minor spotting the week before but blood work confirmed it was still there.

He left for Mexico. He had one of the coolest nights of his career.

I started spotting again & was in terrible pain.

I went to the hospital and ended up falling in the hallway while being taken back. I thought I stood up too fast.

Jon was gone and I didn’t want to scare him because I didn’t have answers.

He got to wrestle The Undertaker.

I laid in a bed in massive pain. The bleeding had stopped.

Other major accidents came into the ER so I got left in a bed.

At one point the pain stopped. I wanted to go home.

The ER doc saved my life. She convinced me to stay and get some tests. She apologized for the wait.

She brought in an ultra sound. I got to hear ‘peanut’ heartbeat.

She told me she wasn’t an OB specialist and wanted a second opinion before telling me what she thought.

I knew something was wrong.

The OB specialist confirmed it was ectopic.

My tube had ruptured and I was bleeding out.

I had to end this badly wanted pregnancy. This pregnancy who’s heartbeat I got to hear.

A pregnancy that would never ever ever EVER be a f**king baby.

A pregnancy that would leave my 3 year old without a mom & my husband a widow.

I was taken to emergency surgery alone at 4am.

I had to sign paperwork stating

A) I consented to ending the pregnancy

B) consented to having my tube removed

C) to the chance I could lose an egg if the bleeding had been too bad


D) possible consent to total hysterectomy

I got lucky and only lost a tube.

They said if the bleeding hadn’t been stopped within the hour, I would have lost my ovary (not egg in previous tweet)

If I waited a few hours I would have needed a hysterectomy.

If I waited about 12 hours I would have been dead.

Jon flew home.

Online there was speculation he was in trouble for the photo. But that was never the issue.

Thankfully everyone respected our privacy and Jericho quietly took the anger from online fans who assume he was at fault for posting the kayfabe photo.

Jon came home and we cried together.

A few years later we had another pregnancy that we had to have removed. It had stopped growing but my body didn’t reject it. They had to go in an remove the tissue to protect my health.

It was another loss and another heartbreak.

When we finally got pregnant with Nolan, neither of us wanted to be excited.

We were too scared until they finally put him in my arms.

I was so thankful for the abortions I had that lead me to being alive and healthy for my family and being able to give birth to my rhino.

And the moral of this story.


I shouldn’t have to share my trauma to make it ‘ok’

I’m sure I’ll hear ‘but your story is the exception’ and I don’t want to hear it.

I’m white and wealthy, of course I’m the exception.

This ruling is going to hurt black & brown women and poor women. It’s going to hurt the communities we should be protecting.

Abortions will always be available to those adjacent to money and power.

The reason someone gets an abortion is entirely their own and they owe you no explanation.”

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