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“I’d love to work with promo guys backstage at AEW” – Attitude Era Legend

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• “I’d love to work with promo guys backstage at AEW” – Attitude Era Legend

During a recent interview on Chris Van Vliet’s Insight podcast, Attitude Era Legend Road Dogg talked about All Elite Wrestling.

Below are the highlights:

If he’d love to do backstage work in AEW:

“I wanted to keep my relationship with (WWE) really good even if I went somewhere else to work. Which, I’d love to do that.

I’d love to work with promo guys backstage at AEW because it’s just new talent — Well, half of them are NXT talent I’ve worked with in the past, but I would love to do something challenging, you know what I mean?”

If he has attended an AEW event:

“I have not been there at all. I was looking forward to the opportunity in Vegas, but I ended up canceling my show out there, so I didn’t end up going.”

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