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“If I never wrestled again, I’m so cool with it” – WWE Hall Of Famer

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• “If I never wrestled again, I’m so cool with it” – WWE Hall Of Famer

Old School ECW/WWF Tag Team Legend Bubba Ray Dudley recently appeared on The Wrestling Perspective podcast, where he addressed his future in professional wrestling.

Here’s what the 2018 WWE Hall of Famer had to say:

“I have done everything that I have wanted to do. I have wrestled everywhere that I wanna wrestle. There’s not an arena on the planet, I’m very, very blessed to, if I never wrestled again, I’m so cool with it, it’s not funny.

However, there are certain things that do interest me. Particular stories with particular talents. Not just going to a company and signing a contract and then, ‘Okay you’ll be here for a year or two or three years, and, ‘Well, what am I gonna be doing?’ ‘We don’t know, we’ll come up with something’. I’m not interested.

If it’s a particular person with a particular story with dedicated television time, then I’m interested.

Like this thing with Lawler [for Battleground Championship Wrestling]. They called me, they’re like, do you wanna wrestle Jerry Lawler? Yes, I’ve never wrestled Jerry Lawler. It’s Jerry Lawler. To me, it’s a no-brainer. Did I ever think that I was gonna have a singles match with Jerry Lawler? No. Was it on my bucket list? No, but it’s not something I’m gonna turn down.

It was an immediate yes because it interests me, it evoked emotion. If you can’t evoke emotion in me, I couldn’t care less. I’ve become so fueled by real, raw organic emotion that that’s it for me.

Do I see guys out there that I would love to sink my teeth into because I know I could present story, elevate a certain guy? Listen, no matter how over you are in this business, you need somebody at the next level.

I know of certain talent out there that I could do some really great business with, that would draw money and pop ratings.”

As a member of The Dudley Boyz, Bubba Ray wrestled for Extreme Championship Wrestling from 1995 until they jumped ship to the World Wrestling Federation (later renamed WWE) in 1999, where they worked till 2005 and again from 2015 to 2018.

He’s currently wrestling on the independent scene under his previous TNA ring name Bully Ray.

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