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“If they choose not to talk about it, I respect that” – Jay Cutler On The Rock’s Steroid Use

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• “If they choose not to talk about it, I respect that” – Jay Cutler On The Rock’s Steroid Use

Many Professional Wrestlers & Hollywood Actors have used anabolic steroids, but most will never admit to using PEDs.

During a recent interview on The Michael Sartain Podcast, 4-time Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler was asked to share his opinion on Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Mike O’Hearn saying they are natural.

Below is what Cutler said:

“You know those things I don’t really comment as much on because I understand the positioning. Everyone has their own position and if they choose not to talk about it, I respect that because for a long time I did the same.

I didn’t come out and say I take this or that and I kind of went into interviews knowing that many weren’t going to ask and the ones that I thought might, I was protected where, ‘hey don’t blatantly ask me hey do you take this or that, don’t put me on the spot’ and that’s why I was limited on where I put my publicity.

All the local news stations before the Olympia covered the event but they didn’t touch on that and I think it was kind of known, hey don’t ask these kinds of questions but you have to prepare yourself.

To this day, even walking in here today, I’m an open book with a lot of things I do, and I want people to realize that I’m an honest person. And you have your ins and outs on how you get to certain levels of what you do in your own field.

I hate to harp on the chemical side because the food is like I mentioned, and the training was just we can touch small but I reminisce now 30 years of thinking ‘man is it ever going to happen?’ Man, when you win that title you have a flash of all the things that happened in order to get there.”

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