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“It just makes Roman Reigns look like a goddamn goof” – Jim Cornette On WWE Using Zombies At WrestleMania Backlash

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During a recent edition of his Drive-Thru podcast, Legendary Wrestling Manager Jim Cornette gave his views on WWE using “zombies” as Lumberjacks during The Miz vs. Damian Priest match at WrestleMania Backlash.

Here’s what Cornette said:

“Anyway speaking of keeping going, I almost didn’t at this point, coming up next because that’s when John Morrison goes to find the lumberjack’s locker room and opens the door and it’s full of zombies.

We’ll have more on that later because then they go directly after you see a roomful of zombies, then they go to the Usos’ and Reigns’ locker room talking real seriously about family drama. And we’re supposed to take that seriously after we’ve just seen a room full of zombies.

So, by them not even being able to f**king format the show properly, they have to put guys that are on in the main event angle of the top guy in the company right after a room full of zombies. Just to make sure that we remember that nothing you are to see tonight is in any way serious or important or you shouldn’t give a sh*t.

Roman Reigns and Heyman ought to be pi$$ed off, but he’s not going to f**king register that because he knows the cause is lost. But it’s you know, Paul E’s probably the smartest guy there at this point. He knows it just makes Reigns look like a goddamn goof.

Then after the Usos talk, Morrison is back telling Miz that the lumberjacks are zombies and of course Miz doesn’t believe him as Miz has been more fortunate than the rest of us, he didn’t see this sh*t to begin with. As they leave, then the camera pans over and the zombies walk through, including zombie Elvis.

It was a lumberjack match with Damian Priest against The Miz and this is why I feel bad for the few guys that still want to get in this business. Damian Priest has been around for a while, he’s in his 30s, he’s worked hard. Obviously, he’s transformed his body and he’s really got not only the personality of a star, the promo of a star, but he can work. We’ve been a fan of his so just to make sure that he doesn’t become the next face of the company, the next big star.

They decide just because Dave Bautista, who’s never going to come back and fart in their face whether they want him to or not. Just because his movie is buying advertising, they gotta bury a guy that might in the future be another star on the level of Batista or all the ones they’ve lost, just to f**king do this stupid, comedy movie plug tie in that some of their f**king comedy writers did.

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