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“Jeff Hardy deserves way more than how he’s being used” – TNA Veteran

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• “Jeff Hardy deserves way more than how he’s being used” – TNA Veteran

Everyone knows that WWE mostly uses Jeff Hardy to put younger wrestlers over nowadays.

Hardy, who is a former 3-time WWE World Champion, rarely wins matches on TV these days.

On last week’s RAW, he lost to Damian Priest in a United States Championship match. After the match, new RAW wrestler Austin Theory attacked him.

On this week’s RAW, Theory went on to defeat Hardy in a singles match.

This led to TNA Veteran & current NWA Commentator Velvet Sky tweeting the following:

“IMHO, Jeff Hardy deserves way more than how he’s being used.”

A fan then replied the following to Velvet:

“You a legend in the wrestling business but you think Jeff going over young fresh talent is what he deserves? Crazy.”

Below is Velvet’s response to the fan:

“No I didn’t say that at all. I don’t have a problem with vets putting over younger talent. But with Jeff he gets buried week after week.”

Many fans feel that this is WWE’s way of lowering Jeff’s value as a wrestling star, because they know he’s going to leave for AEW once his contract expires.

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• On This Day In Pro Wrestling History (October 13, 1990) – WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event 28

On this day in Pro Wrestling history on October 13, 1990, the World Wrestling Federation aired ‘WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event 28’ on NBC.

The entire event was originally taped on September 18, 1990 at the Toledo Sports Arena in Toledo, Ohio.

Here are the results:

– The Ultimate Warrior & The Legion of Doom defeated Demolition

– Randy Savage defeated Dusty Rhodes by count-out

– Hulk Hogan & Tugboat defeated Rhythm and Blues by DQ

– Sgt. Slaughter defeated Koko B. Ware

– WWF Intercontinental Championship: The Texas Tornado (c) defeated Haku

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