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Jeff Hardy Is Getting His Old Theme Song Back Next Month

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• Jeff Hardy Is Getting His Old Theme Song Back Next Month

As we previously reported, former WWE Champion Jeff Hardy is not getting much of a push in WWE right now and is losing quite a lot of regular matches on TV, which could possibly indicate that he will eventually follow his brother Matt Hardy to Tony Khan’s All Elite Wrestling when his contract expires (especially since Matt wants to finish his career in AEW by teaming with Jeff).

However, Jeff is getting his long-awaited wish fulfilled, as WWE is set to give him his “No More Words” theme song back when WWE returns on the road with fans in attendance, starting next month.

Here’s what the Wrestling Observer reported:

“Jeff Hardy will return to using ‘No More Words’ as his entrance music starting in mid-July.”

You can watch a video of his entrance with the old theme song below:

Hardy noted last year that he has been waiting for the permanent return of fans to WWE events to start using this theme song again.

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