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Jeff Jarrett Tried To Sign Ultimate Warrior To TNA

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• Jeff Jarrett Tried To Sign Ultimate Warrior To TNA

On the newest episode of his weekly ‘My World’ podcast, WWE Hall Of Famer Jeff Jarrett revealed that he once actually tried to sign famous WWF Legend The Ultimate Warrior to TNA during its early days.

Here’s what Double J said:

“I had a couple conversations with Ultimate Warrior, but very top level. To put it back in context, I had never done business with him, our paths really never crossed in WWF. Me and Warrior’s paths never really crossed other than I met him on Thanksgiving day in 1985 and I met him with Sting. Our paths had never crossed, he was more a business colleague, he was a friend of my dad’s.

I reached out, had some conversations but my dad was doing all the business negotiations. He was asking me some questions, very high level.

He has tremendous name value and going into June of 2002, we were only looking at 26 shows.

‘Hey man, come give us a try’ I gave that pitch to a lot of folks through the first year, whether it was Mr. Perfect, Rick Steiner or Hacksaw or the Road Warriors.

We’re not asking you to sign an exclusive deal, we’re not asking you to do anything. We’re starting up a company, do you want to come work a few shows?

During this startup phase, from the time WCW closed to this timeframe, I was sharing many more conversations with my father about the business than I had in the years I went to WCW and WWF back and forth.

I can vividly remember thinking to myself talent of 2002 has quite a bit of a different mindset than when my father was actively involved in an ownership role, it wasn’t the same mentality.

Dealing with talent post WCW and nothing else on the horizon, the underbelly is, am I jumping on this train or not? Who’s doing what, how’s it taking us?

There wasn’t really any place to make a living, my dad dealing with the hot-cold switch of any talent, let alone Ultimate Warrior, I became very aware of that.”

We recently reported that Jarrett also tried to sign several other legends to TNA in 2002, including Randy Savage, Sycho Sid, Mick Foley & Chyna (tap here to read).

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