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Jim Cornette Not Happy With Sting’s Recent AEW Segment

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• Jim Cornette Not Happy With Sting’s Recent AEW Segment

WWE Hall Of Famer Sting was recently attacked by MJF in the ring on an episode of AEW Dynamite.

Jim Cornette didn’t like this segment and had the following to say on his podcast:

“Again, nobody trying to stop it, nobody trying to get in the ring. It went on long enough, and they’ve got Sting beaten and helpless wouldn’t some friend of his in the locker room, wouldn’t Tony Khan, the benevolent Tony Khan, says referees stop this carnage, or do we have security down at ringside?

The people in the building could see other people trying and failing to prevent this sh*t from going on, and feel like they had to take it upon themselves. But the people here in the building see [that] nobody’s trying to stop it.

This is obviously a setup, sports entertainment happening, a skit, a play, and that’s why they can’t get legitimate heat out of it because there’s nothing to lose yourself in.”

You can watch this segment below:

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• Old School WrestleMania Celebrity Would Have Celebrated His Birthday

Today would have been the 59th birthday of Old School WrestleMania Celebrity Bill Fralic.

Bill Fralic competed in the 20-man WWF/NFL Battle Royal at WWF WrestleMania 2 (1986) but returned years later in 1993 as a participant in the ‘Stars and Stripes Challenge’ aboard the USS-Intrepid, trying to bodyslam the then 550 lbs WWF World Heavyweight Champion Yokozuna, but was unsuccessful in doing so.

It’s possible that one day Fralic might be inducted into the Celebrity Wing of the WWE Hall of Fame, considering that some celebrities were inducted for doing a lot less in Professional Wrestling.


October 31, 1962 – December 13, 2018

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