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Jim Ross On Why Hulk Hogan vs. Terry Funk Did Not Happen On PPV

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• Jim Ross On Why Hulk Hogan vs. Terry Funk Did Not Happen On PPV

On the latest episode of his weekly ‘Grilling JR’ podcast, Jim Ross talked about the 50+ year career of Old School NWA/WCW/WWF Legend Terry Funk.

J.R. even went into detail of Funk’s 1985-1986 WWF run, despite not yet joining the World Wrestling Federation himself (until years later in 1993).

Here’s what the 2007 WWE Hall of Famer had to say about Terry Funk’s WWF stint during the Golden Era:

“Terry could’ve been a great opponent for Hogan because Terry would’ve known how to work with Hogan to embellish Hogan’s skills.

McMahon was very cautious to not book Hogan with average sized guys. He wanted him to sell for a guy that was bigger than him.

It’s the same concept I used when I hired Mick Foley to use for The Undertaker. You’re looking for an opponent and Foley was 6’4, 300 pounds and I think that’s the same theory that we’re talking about in this topic.

Vince was going to make sure, and I don’t blame him for this, that Hogan was booked with the right guy that can create the right visual and right dynamic so that when the Hulkster sold, it had more believability. I think there’s a lot to say for that, protecting your golden goose that’s now spitting out these golden eggs in the form of tickets sold.”

Hulk Hogan successfully defended his WWF World Heavyweight Championship against Terry Funk at WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event IV on January 4, 1986 (NBC airdate) and teamed with The Junkyard Dog to defeat Terry Funk & Hoss Funk (Dory Funk Jr.) at WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event VI, that aired on May 3, 1986.

However, these 2 Legends never wrestled each other on pay-per-view.

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It was broadcasted from the Verizon Wireless Arena in Manchester, New Hampshire and featured matches & storyline segments on the road to the ‘WWE Vengeance 2002’ PPV.

Here’s the card:

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