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WWE Hall Of Famer Regrets Doing His Storyline With The Undertaker

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WWE Hall Of Famer Diamond Dallas Page was interviewed on The Angle podcast, where he talked about transitioning from World Championship Wrestling to the World Wrestling Federation.

DDP noted that he feels like he should have turned down the infamous 2001 Stalker storyline, that involved him stalking The Undertaker’s then real-life wife, Sara.

Here’s what the former WCW World Heavyweight Champion had to say:

“Vince McMahon taught me you can never be afraid to walk away from the table. I had all the coin, I just wouldn’t have done it. I should have said I’m not doing it. I’m not doing it until it’s perfectly laid out. I learned you can’t be afraid to walk away from the table.

What I should’ve done was got up. When Vince said ‘I want you to stalk The Undertaker’s wife’ and he’s looking across from one of the most beautiful women ever, not just professional wrestling, ever, my 1st ex-wife, I was there to be a part of the team.

In WCW, I fought for everything. I fought, fought, fought, fought. If I were in the WCW mindset and Vince said ‘we want you to stalk Undertaker’s wife’, I would’ve looked at him, looked at her, looked back at him, and said, ‘Vince are you looking at my wife? Like, I’m going to stalk some other cat’s wife when everybody knows she’s my wife?’ What I should’ve said, I should’ve done is was shook everyone’s hands and said ‘love the idea, but not for DDP’.

Well for starters, I didn’t have any idea. Normally, they let you know either in January or February. Normally they let you know right before, this was in October and I was in my hometown and they were doing a video on me. WWF wanted to bury WCW when we got there. It was business, it wasn’t me personally.

I took the brunt of it, but I knew if I just shut my mouth and didn’t complain like so many other guys do on this show or that show, and put down the company. They are going to have to put me in that Hall of Fame or something. How could you not? No one’s ever had my story. When we started kicking WWF’s a$$ is when my career blew up.

I’m still tight with everyone there. Triple H and I go way back. When he called me and I was filming in my hometown of Point Pleasant, New Jersey, I was like, ‘hey bro’ because I put a call in to him. I thought he was just calling me back.

He started talking about my career and my work ethic, blah blah blah, and at some point, I started thinking, ‘is this that call?’ And I don’t want to say it is because I don’t know, but they’re filming me and at some point, he says ‘we’re going to put you in.’

Dusty Rhodes said, ‘D, there’s only two things that are real in our business, one is winning your first World Championship title, and two is that Hall Of Fame ring’.”

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