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Jim Ross Reveals The Most Important Aspect Of Pro-Wrestling

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• Jim Ross Reveals The Most Important Aspect Of Pro-Wrestling

In an interview with SK Wrestling, WWF Legend Jim Ross said that the lost art of telling a story in and out of the ring is the most important aspect of professional wrestling.

Storytelling is widely considered to be a skill that not that many wrestlers have anymore these days.

Here’s what the 2007 WWE Hall of Famer had to say:

“I think that we have to understand that our storytelling is the most important thing that we do. Episodic television has got certain elements that come along with it, part of the package.

I think we all, you know, it’s amazing to me that, I’ve gone on TV on RAW back in the day without even a completed format. Like nothing.

The writers and Vince had trouble settling on something, and it was like dominoes falling. You have to fix this before you can fix this.

So we’d go out there and we didn’t know what the first match was. And then we’d wait for our formats to get out there. Might be the second or third segment of the show.

[AEW President] Tony Khan is so ahead of things that we’ll know what he’s gonna book for next week before we go on the air.”

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