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Jimmy Smith Clarifies His Comments About Roman Reigns & The WWE Roster Not Being Able To Fight

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• Jimmy Smith Clarifies His Comments About Roman Reigns & The WWE Roster Not Being Able To Fight

RAW Commentator Jimmy Smith is no longer with WWE. He has been replaced with Kevin Patrick.

Below is the statement that he issued on Twitter:

“Just wanted to say, now that the story is officially out, that my time with the WWE is officially done.

Had a lot of fun and met some great people. Really and truly blown away by the acceptance from the WWE fans!

You folks make it work every week and your enthusiasm was amazing!”

Less than a week after his departure, Jimmy said the following about the WWE roster on MMA on Sirius XM:

“The WWE behind the scenes is more CM Punk than Brock Lesnar. Does this guy look like he can fight? That is what the WWE is about.

Roman Reigns can’t fight. He looks like he can fight. He’s just a big muscular dude. Daniel Cormier does not (look like he can fight).

You put [Cormier] next to Brock Lesnar, and it looks like a man and a kid, and WWE is all about that visual.”

Jimmy got a lot of heat for his comments, which led to him issuing the following statement:

“I got all these angry messages, I went what the f**k is going on? I googled myself and Roman Reigns and the first thing that popped off is this Bleacher Report article.

It had a quote of mine from my radio show, all chopped up, and essentially me talking about DC is a fighter and Roman Reigns and Brock – and there’s no context at all.

It completely leaves out I was asked if DC would take on Brock Lesnar in WWE. And I said no, because they don’t look like they should be in the same ring.

What they totally left out was I was asked the question about will we see DC vs. Brock Lesnar, and I said no because so much of it in the WWE is visual, it’s performance, it’s how does Roman Reigns look, not how can he fight, it has nothing to do with it.

Roman Reigns looks amazing, and he cuts a great promo and he’s an amazing performer, and the visual of him and Brock Lesnar, that’s what makes it work.

DC just has the ability to actually fight, but he doesn’t look like it, and that’s what I think would prevent a future DC-Brock Lesnar match.”

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It was LIVE from the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, Georgia and featured matches, interviews & storyline segments on the road to the ‘WWF No Mercy 1999’ PPV.

Here’s the card:

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– Christian & Edge vs. The New Brood (Hardy Boyz)

– X-Pac vs. Faarooq

– The Headbangers vs. Chris Jericho & Curtis Hughes

– Ho-Jack Match: The Godfather vs. Mark Henry

– The Big Show vs. Big Boss Man

– Chyna & Triple H vs. Jim Ross & Stone Cold Steve Austin

– British Bulldog & Val Venis vs. The Rock ‘n’ Sock Connection

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