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8. Cody Rhodes Says War Games Was Scheduled To Return, Possible Reason For The Plan Being Cancelled
During a recent appearance on Ring Rust Radio, former WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes talked about how the War Games were scheduled to return at Battleground 2016 and why the idea was cancelled. Below is what he said:

“There is so much about that time period that touched me and was really something that will stand out as a favorite memory of my father and what he was able to do the day of Battleground. How we were able to get people to see what we couldn’t, but it’s not even in my top five of the things I did with WWE. The reason being, when I got into WWE I wanted to be anything other than Dusty’s kid. I didn’t want to have any connection with Dustin either as far as Goldust, not because I don’t love them; it’s just nostalgia if I was paying tribute to them. So I wanted to be very different than the three Rhodes on paper. I never really saw us as having that family moment, but we did.

There are so many things about that match and people might know this, but Battleground was originally designed to be War Games. War Games was going to come back and somebody — and I don’t actually know who so not I’m not trying to be vague — but somebody said ‘No it takes up too much ticket space so we aren’t going to do the War Games.’ So then it became a tag match. Before it was ever a tag match, it was to be me returning in this cool drifter-like Midnight Rider mask that I had commissioned and paid for and was all excited about. So many things didn’t happen for it to just be a family match, but I’m glad people loved it. When I look at it now, I wonder ‘what if’ about all the other things, especially with the War Games portion.”

Speaking of Cody, he got a special introduction at a PWG event where his wife, Brandi Rhodes, introduced him as the “grand-son of a plumber” & “the star that left them in the dust”. Cody tweeted the video as well:

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