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Lex Luger Reveals His 90s Workout Program

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During a Q&A session on Twitter, a fan asked Old School WWF/WCW Legend Lex Luger the following question:

“In 96-98 do you recall your workout split & training frequency? With you guys always on the road I’d think nutrition & staying fit was always the biggest challenge.”

Luger replied:

“Always did resistance training first followed by 30 minutes of cardio.

Monday-Abs as a warmup

Tuesday-Calves as a warmup




Weekend off

Tried to hit 1-1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight each day

Managed my body fat level through carb manipulation

Monday – High Carb

Tuesday – Medium Carb

Wednesday – Low Carb

Thursday – High Carb

Friday – Medium Carb

Saturday – Low Carb

Sunday – Treat Day

There you have it.

Same program I utilized my entire career.

The Total Package 😊💪👊”

Another fan asked:

“How bad did the bus tour throw this routine off track?”

The former WCW World Heavyweight Champion wrote:


Had to combine a lot of body parts and frequently, utilized bars and shakes instead of meals. Lost about 10 lbs of muscle.”

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