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Mark Henry Reveals If WWE Locker Room Reacted Positively To Hulk Hogan Being Reinstated Into The WWE Hall of Fame

Mark Henry WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2018

Before the Extreme Rules 2018 PPV this past Sunday, WWE announced that “The Immortal” Hulk Hogan has been reinstated into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Below is the official announcement:

Hulk Hogan reinstated into WWE Hall of Fame

“STAMFORD, Conn. — After a three-year suspension, Hulk Hogan has been reinstated into the WWE Hall of Fame. This second chance follows Hogan’s numerous public apologies and volunteering to work with young people, where he is helping them learn from his mistake. These efforts led to a recent induction into the Boys & Girls Clubs of America Alumni Hall of Fame.”

Hogan was backstage at Extreme Rules and apologized to the wrestlers for the comments he made that led to his suspension.

He advised the wrestlers to think about what they are saying and a lot of people ended up shaking Hogan’s hand and hugging him in an emotional scene.

Below is what Hogan tweeted about it:

TMZ Sports caught up with WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry and asked him about his opinion on Hogan being in the WWE Hall of Fame once again and possibly returning to WWE in the future, people thinking Hogan is back for the money, WWE locker room’s reaction & more.

Below are the highlights:

On Henry’s opinion about this situation regarding Hogan:

“I think it’s good in a lot of ways because it’s always a learn-able moment, a teachable moment. It teaches forgiveness, it teaches that we can step up from adversity. It also shows, in a time where there’s so much racial dive with the government, and different things, different social groups, that there are some people that actually have affinity, and care, and want to redeem themselves. I hope that he can do that.”

On people thinking Hogan is back for the money:

“I do feel like he genuinely wants to clear his name. He sees people that used to respect him, they look at him differently and that hurts. He brought that on himself and he’s trying his best to clear that up. I don’t know if it’s from… you know, some people are going to say he’s missing those big checks and he wants to rectify that situation. That’s always a factor, we always want to keep our buying power up but I don’t think that’s the case with him. I think, if he did some appearances where he helped raise money to go to these organizations that need help, in the inner cities and urban sectors, then I think people would be less likely to think it’s all just a ploy for him to make more money.”

On if the WWE locker room has reacted positively to this Hogan situation:

“No, it’s 50/50. I’ve talked to guys that are like, ‘To hell with him.’ And I’ve had guys that were like, “You know what? If you’re willing to make the change and try to help out, and go and speak up, be a part of the answer rather than a part of the problem, then it’s all good.'”

We reported yesterday how RAW wrestler Titus O’Neil isn’t happy about Hogan being reinstated into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Below is a screenshot of Titus liking negative comments about this Hogan news on Instagram:

Titus O'Neil Not Happy With Hulk Hogan Being Reinstated Into The WWE Hall of Fame

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