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Marty Jannetty Gives An Update From The Hospital

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• Marty Jannetty Gives An Update From The Hospital

Old School WWF Veteran Marty Jannetty is currently in the Hospital, where Doctors are working on his foot.

Marty has been dealing with ankle issues (due to his wrestling career) for a while now, and he’s finally getting the treatment he needs.

Below is what he wrote on Facebook:

“I’m very proud to say that ankle right there it’s just slightly damaged from all them years of putting my foot in people’s rear end otherwise called a$$ and jumping off top ropes to the floor not just into the ring but to the floor.

I’m very proud to say I’ll do it again right now I ain’t scared well wait a minute swaggy just looked at me and extended is claws which means don’t you even try oh well it was a fun thought.”

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Breaking Point was a one-off event that replaced ‘WWE Unforgiven’ (1999-2008) as the September pay-per-view, but was replaced itself the next year by ‘WWE Night of Champions’, which became the annual September PPV from 2010 to 2015.

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Submissions Count Anywhere: The Legacy defeated D-Generation X

Singapore Cane: Kane defeated The Great Khali

ECW Championship: Christian (c) defeated William Regal

“I Quit” – WWE Championship: John Cena defeated Randy Orton (c)

Submission – World Heavyweight Championship: CM Punk (c) defeated The Undertaker

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