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Matt Hardy Says Current AEW Title Holder Is Proving To Be A “Ratings Guy”

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• Matt Hardy Says Current AEW Title Holder Is Proving To Be A “Ratings Guy”

During a recent interview with ET Times, current AEW Superstar Matt Hardy talked about main eventing an episode of Dynamite 3 weeks ago, where he faced Darby Allin for the TNT Championship.

That was the first episode of Dynamite after NXT’s move to Tuesday nights (so they had no competition) and they draw 1.2 million viewers (second-highest viewership of Dynamite till date).

Here’s what Hardy said about this:

“It was super exciting. It was our first week unopposed, so I was very happy to be in that slot. And Darby is starting to prove to be a ratings guy because people really like him. And he gets it so much.

He reminds me of my brother (Jeff Hardy) in so many ways as to how he sells from underneath. He gets sympathy and he’s just he’s cool. The kids like him. He’s super cool.

And me at this stage of the game, being an older competitor, especially with the younger AEW audience, I am the perfect bad guy, I think, for a Darby Allin or someone like that.

So I was expecting them to be big. I hoped we would break a million and do a good number. But when we heard 1.2 (million), I was blown away and super happy, super excited.

And I really think it was a good payoff because people didn’t know when they tuned in if Darby Allin was going to lose the TNT title or retain the title. And I think that was part of the charm of it.”

Matt was then asked about his current relationship with his brother Jeff Hardy (who’s currently signed to WWE) and here’s what he said:

“We always text each other before the shows. We go, ‘hey, man, are you on tonight or when you are or what are you doing?’ We just kind of keep up with it.

I don’t think there’s any competition any longer. I think we’re just both supportive of one another. So it’s cool. We’ve almost done it enough where there was a point where I was in WWE and he was in TNA. Or he was in TNA and I was in ROH. I mean, we’ve kind of done this before.

So it’s kind of an old hat in some ways. But we’re now more than ever just supportive of one another.”

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