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Matt Riddle’s Ex-Girlfriend Accuses Him Of Being A “$exual Predator”

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• Matt Riddle’s Ex-Girlfriend Accuses Him Of Being A “$exual Predator”

WWE RAW Superstar Matt Riddle was involved in a relationship with OnlyFans star Daniella Petrow once.

Daniella is now going after Riddle, as she shared a chat she had with another woman Riddle has been with.

You can read the caption of her tweet below:

“Two weeks ago in Canada she deserves waking up in @SuperKingofBros w him kneeling next to her face naked told her to deep throat him and then b*tch about her going to sleep when he took her back to the room instead of f**kin.”

You can read Daniella’s chat with the above stated woman below:

Daniella also shared the following video of Riddle’s meeting with the woman in Canada:

Daniella further shared the following story of her experience with Riddle:

“Here’s one for you. Try waking up at 5 o’clock in the morning. I was laying on my back. And he’s just standing over me. Butt-naked, d*ck out and everything. And I was like, ‘What are you doing?’ Didn’t say a word.

Just started arching further and further down. So his penis was near my face. I’m like half asleep. I can’t really move because his legs over me, one on each side, and I’m laying on my back.

And I felt pressured into giving him oral s*x. I did it, so it could be over and done with. This was the first time because he always made me feel like a piece of sh*t for trying to give him oral pleasure because he was so traumatized by Candy Cartwright – Samantha accusing him of forcing her to do that.

He did because he put me in a situation where I knew if I didn’t do it, he was gonna lose his f**king sh*t, make me feel guilty, and I wasn’t strong enough. I didn’t think anything of it until I opened my eyes, afterwards.”

Riddle or WWE hasn’t issued any statements regarding this situation.

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