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Mick Foley Wants Former AEW World Champion To Appreciate What He Did In WWE

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• Mick Foley Wants Former AEW World Champion To Appreciate What He Did In WWE

On the latest episode of his weekly podcast, Old School WWF Legend Mick Foley spoke about AEW main eventer CM Punk and made it clear that he wishes Punk would appreciate his own WWE career, instead of bashing the company (WWE) that turned him from a local independent wrestler – that was only known to a few die hard internet fans back then – into a house hold name and a millionaire.

Here’s what the former Mankind aka Cactus Jack aka Dude Love had to say:

“I just want him to be happy and understand what an amazing career he’s had. I thought it was a little sad when he came out and basically made it sound like anything that happened after ROH was a waste of time.

This guy did some big stuff and he was a great champion. He was kind of like the glue that held that company together. He had great matches with a variety of opponents.

If you can’t be happy tearing down the house with The Undertaker, then where are you going to be when you’re 55 or 60 and looking back on your career. I’d like him to appreciate what he did.”

CM Punk is currently suspended for a backstage fight he had with Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks after the AEW All Out 2022 pay-per-view.

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• Old School WWF Veteran Celebrates His Birthday

WWF Attitude Era Veteran “The Lethal Weapon” Steve Blackman celebrates his 59th birthday today.

Blackman originally wrestled for the World Wrestling Federation as a so called ‘Jobber to the Stars’ in 1988 & 1989, doing jobs on weekly WWF TV shows, as well as WWF House shows.

He was then offered a full-time contract to become an actual WWF Superstar, but unfortunately around that time he contracted malaria and dysentery, which sidelined him for 6 years.

He then returned to the WWF, this time as an actual full-time WWF Superstar, in late 1997, making the save for Vader, thus being introduced as a babyface.

He wrestled regularly on WWF TV Shows & PPVs until the summer of 2001, so he was there for the entire time of the famous Attitude Era, an era in history that can never be duplicated.


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