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Multiple WWE Wrestlers Voice Their Frustration After Draft

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• On This Day In Pro Wrestling History (October 14, 2009) – Legendary Old School WWF Manager Passed Away

On this day in 2009, we lost the legendary Old School WWF Manager “Captain” Lou Albano at the age of 76 due to a heart attack.

As one of the most memorable personalities of the famous Rock ‘n’ Wrestling Connection (1984-1986) during the Golden WWF Era, Lou Albano also made a name for himself when he was seen in Cindy Lauper’s music videos on MTV, as well as playing Mario in the tv series ‘The Super Mario Bros Super Show!’.

After many of the Tag Teams he managed won WWWF/WWF World Tag Team Championships, he was being referred to as “The Manager of Champions”.

Among the teams he led to Tag Team Gold were The U.S. Express, The British Bulldogs, The Wild Samoans, The Moondogs, The Blackjacks, The Valiant Brothers & The Headshrinkers, among others.

In 1996, Lou Albano was inducted into the WWF Hall of Fame (now known as WWE Hall of Fame) by radio and television host Joe Franklin.


July 29, 1933 – October 14, 2009

• Multiple WWE Wrestlers Voice Their Frustration After Draft

Some wrestlers like EC3 and Eric Young were drafted very late and now they are voicing their frustration on Social Media.

You can check it out below:

Eric Young then also wrote the following on Instagram:

“RAW huh????? Once im given a chance I will show everyone what I and millions already know!!!! I AM A WORLD CLASS PERFORMER A WORLD CLASS MAN AND A WORLD CLASS MANIAC! #underrated #underused #worldclassmaniac”

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