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“My dumba$$ really thought that he was a ghost” – Cardi B On WWE Legend The Undertaker

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– American Rapper Cardi B used to be a big WWE fan back in the 2000s.

During an interview with Hot 97, Cardi B said she used to think The Undertaker was a ghost when she was younger.

Below is what she said:

“I used to love wrestling. I used to be crazy. Batista, you know he was so handsome. I love Eddie Guerrero. I lie, I steal, I cheat b*tch. I used to love Booker T.

When I was little, I went and Undertaker used to come out, and my dumba$$ really thought that he was a ghost. I really thought that was real, like he was coming from the dead.”

– Former NFL Star and former TNA World Tag Team Champion Adam “Pacman” Jones was arrested at an airport near Cincinnati on Monday morning.

According to TMZ, he is facing misdemeanor charges of alcohol intoxication, disorderly conduct and terroristic threatening.

After getting released from Jail, Jones defended himself and said the terroristic threats charge is bullsh*t.

He also said:

“Do I look intoxicated to you? I only been locked up for two hours. Y’all talking about 6:30 in the morning. Who in the hell is drunk at 6:30 in the morning, man?

This sh*t getting old, bro. It’s getting old. And we gotta stop doing this.”

He claimed this situation started when he asked to move seats after the electric outlet at his assigned spot wasn’t working.

He asked the media to “report the motherf**king facts”.

Jones had a run in TNA Wrestling from August to October 2007, where he held the TNA World Tag Team Championship with Ron Killings (R-Truth in WWE), together known as Team Pacman.

Jones’ football team soon refused to give him permission to perform in the ring, which led to Rasheed Lucius Creed being added to Team Pacman for the Title defenses.

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