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New Feud Beginning On Tonight’s RAW & Spoiler On How It Will End

Bobby Lashley

• WWF Attitude Era Veteran Celebrates His Birthday

WWF Attitude Era Veteran D’Lo Brown (Real name: Accie Conner) turns 48 today.

D’Lo was first seen on WWF TV as a member of the legendary Nation of Domination stable in 1997 and ended up staying with the company till his release in 2003.

During his World Wrestling Federation (later renamed WWE) career, he won the European Championship 4 times and even won the Intercontinental Championship once.


• New Feud Beginning On Tonight’s RAW & Spoiler On How It Will End

Bobby Lashley turned heel two weeks ago on RAW after he attacked Kevin Owens and ‘injured’ him in storyline.

According to the Dirty Sheets, Bobby Lashley wanted to be a heel from the get-go (when he returned to WWE). However, WWE officials convinced him to be a babyface as Lashley would’ve had a better chance of facing Brock Lesnar that way (and facing Lesnar is one of Lashley’s main goals).

Lashley and the WWE Creative Team had a meeting recently where they discussed that a heel turn was needed.

Vince McMahon was previously against a Lashley heel turn, but he agreed on this because Lashley could then be used as a credible heel opponent for Roman Reigns for a future Universal Title feud and that’s the main reason behind Lashley turning heel.

With that being said, Lashley’s heel turn is bad news for RAW’s former Universal Champion Finn Balor.

In his first feud as a heel, Lashley will squash Balor. Seeds for this feud were planted on last week’s RAW when Lashley interrupted Balor and mocked his size.

You can watch Lashley interrupting Balor’s win over Jinder Mahal on RAW below:

WWE teased in their RAW preview that the Lashley – Balor feud will begin tonight:

“When he’s not sending Kevin Owens to the shelf or full nelson-ing Tyler Breeze into unconsciousness, Bobby Lashley has showcased his new ‘tude with increasingly blatant disrespect of Finn Bálor.

The first-ever Universal Champion has thus far taken the high road, but Lashley can only do the most muscular pose in Bálor’s face while Lio Rush cackles for so long. In fact, Bálor added an ominous caption to a social media photo of their last face-off: “Bigger they are …” Maybe this is the week he decides to see how hard Lashley falls.”

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